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Free Mp3 Download Legal Alternatives

The goal of this website is to provide legal alternatives to free mp3 download. Those alternatives include free streaming, listening and different download possibilities and offline storage of music files.
With the technological development, the Internet, cloud-based services, constant and quick accessibility of data in the virtual space there is now almost no need to download actual copies of any mp3 or other music files (or another sort of files for that matter) to be stored on your device. Not only does this take up space/storage on your device, but also as the files can be so quickly and easily accessible at any time with other means it is just a waste of resources. Even if you do need to download a copy of the file on your device, for the cases when you don’t have access to internet connection, there are yet again fairly cheap alternatives to simple free download which, let’s face it, is illegal.
There are several music streaming services such as Spotify, Youtube music, Apple music, Google play music, Amazon music, Tidal which provide a various opportunities for streaming and listening to music.
For example The Spotify application allows for offline storage and availability of up to 10,000 songs on each of up to 5 different devices, that is a total limit of 50,000 songs.
With Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime music features, there is the opportunity for over 2 million up to 50 million songs and unlimited plays.
Apple music also has the feature to download music and allows you to store up to 100,000 songs for when you are going somewhere you won’t have Wifi.
The offline storage features might have limited number of songs available, but this is not necessarily a bad thing because it means the app will be using a certain amount of storage space on your device. And yet the number of songs is more than enough to use in the cases you are offline.
Even if you are trying to find free opportunities for downloading or listening to music, you should know that there are now cheap and even free alternatives to that practice, which will take pretty much the same effort, time and money and are always the better choice.

Free Mp3 Download Alternative: Spotify and iTunes Worldwide Charts

Spotify Most Streamed Songs

This is the most streamed songs over time and the streams are all-time streams of the songs. Should not be confused with Daily Top 200.
# Track Artist Streams
1 bad guy Billie Eilish 559396597
2 7 rings Ariana Grande 545849372
3 Sunflower - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Post Malone 517994058
4 Con Calma Daddy Yankee 507990887
5 Wow. Post Malone 499827962
6 Shallow Lady Gaga 455531652
7 Old Town Road - Remix Lil Nas X 422565286
8 Calma - Remix Pedro Capó 404177096
9 Without Me Halsey 394554851
10 Dancing With A Stranger (with Normani) Sam Smith 389573302
11 Happier Marshmello 388627286
12 Sweet but Psycho Ava Max 387530188
13 break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored Ariana Grande 368928887
14 I Don't Care (with Justin Bieber) Ed Sheeran 347337077
15 MIDDLE CHILD J. Cole 336292908
16 Secreto Anuel Aa 318983875
17 Old Town Road Lil Nas X 313016389
18 Taki Taki (with Selena Gomez, Ozuna & Cardi B) DJ Snake 304767514
19 High Hopes Panic! At The Disco 301909194
20 Sucker Jonas Brothers 300941254

Fresh Songs

Fresh picks from viral and top charts
# Track Artist
1 Chapinero Thornato
2 Outro Dia A Banca Records
3 Callar (Versión Completa) Isabela Souza
4 Un Mundo Ideal Jerry Velázquez
5 Un Amigo Fiel Arturo Mercado Jr
6 Crime Pays Freddie Gibbs
7 DomDoen Henkie T
8 Rabetão no Chão Mc Th
9 Trash Chuck Shadow
10 Pust Snico
11 Buy My Own Drinks Runaway June
12 Binks 100 Blaze
13 Yesterday Himesh Patel
14 Ci diamo un bacio Dimartino
15 Alitas de mar (feat. Juanito Makandé) Tu Otra Bonita
16 Indios y Vaqueros Sinsinati
17 Story Victor Pizarro
18 Neste Sommer TIX
19 Af En Toe Lil Kleine
20 TikTok (feat. Boef) Dopebwoy